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PK-5th grade advanced school (ages 2 - 10)

Imagine a school that combines advanced learning with imaginative social and play experiences. A place where kids gain comprehension through interactive learning journeys, rather than memorization. A safe and welcoming environment where kids can't wait to come explore together. Imagine a place where the curriculum is designed specifically for each child, while building up their critical thinking skills and helping them develop a lifetime love of learning.


Goals and Highlights:

  • Highest levels of academic curriculum
  • Critical thinking approach that goes beyond traditional Montessori concepts
  • State-of-the-art, technology based learning, combined with hands on activities
  • Reading and math skills, custom tailored to each student and based off of ongoing skill assessment and analysis
  • Programs that develop critical thinking, cognitive and communication skills, while building a child's focus, confidence and creativity
  • Engaging curriculum that covers dozens of topics including languages, art, astronomy, earth science, biology, travel, nature, weather, wildlife, speech/drama and dinosaurs
  • Programs where kids gain comprehension through imaginative learning journeys as opposed to memorization
  • Motivation for learning, thinking and play that comes from within each child

A Custom Path for Each Child:
Traditional school curriculum and planning is centered around teaching all the kids in a class the same reading and math skills. However, parents often discover that their child's skills and ability to learn is different from their peers. The CraniumACADEMY school concept was founded to solve this problem. We test and monitor students throughout the year while providing a CUSTOM learning path FOR EACH CHILD that is integrated into their reading and math journeys at key points during the day.

"Enhanced" Reading and Math:
CraniumACADEMY has developed a unique progress tool called Enhanced Activity Level (EAL) which, for the first time, groups and measures the components that make up a student's early cognitive development. At key times during the day, the teachers will utilize EAL assessments to set up leveled learning and differentiated instruction for each child.

EAL assessments are combined with ongoing reading, math and critical thinking assessments that together form the cornerstone of each child's custom learning path while attending CraniumACADEMY. This is a departure from traditional school curriculum that is developed for teaching the entire class the same set of skills and skill levels.

Explorers: From Oceans to Outerspace:

Imagine a school where students not only learn about the weather, but become junior meteorologists who can predict climate based off of their critical thinking skills. Imagine a school where students don't just talk about dinosaurs, but become young paleontologists who embark on journeys through time to figure out when dinosaurs existed, while using their scientific journals to document the conversion of bones to fossil fuels. Imagine if the students then discover the differences between renewable and non-renewable energy and then hyphothesize different ways to save energy both at home and in their community.

CraniumACADEMY uses a revolutionary teaching technique based off of our exclusive CraniumEXPLORERS curriculum. This critical thinking approach goes beyond a traditional Montessori concept. Explorers builds a child's creativity, focus, communication, confidence, artistic skills, critical thinking and cognitive skills while exploring fun topics such as:

Energy, travel, dinosaurs, nature, weather, art, astronomy, earth science, flight, economics, theatre, drama, physics, public speaking, technology, biology, ancient history, American history, natural science and wildlife

The CraniumACADEMY difference:

The gap in most school curriculum is due to traditional teaching techniques. This traditional approach treats the topics, such as reading and math, as items to be practiced with repetition until memorized, when the teacher then moves on to the next one.

CraniumACADEMY recognizes that traditional curriculum does not adequately tap into the science behind a child's ultimate learning potential. Our school liberates learning, taking it beyond the context of memorizing facts and figures to a higher goal of active critical thinking and creative problem solving. By deepening thoughtfulness through experiential learning and discovery, a child moves from knowledge acquisition to analysis and application. Because it reaches each student as an individual, enrichment through our program maximizes each child's innate gifts and talents. This application of knowledge allows a child to move well beyond basic observation and recall of facts to comprehension. Engaging children in this active process of comprehending what they learn helps them to transfer the knowledge into new contexts, then to predict consequences and solve problems. The CraniumACADEMY learning programs reach students during the exciting period when brain neurons are firing, when important connections are being made, and when children have the greatest potential for building up their critical thinking skills. Our unique approach goes beyond "what" and examines "why" and "how." These skills are vital in school as well as throughout life.

Children who have the opportunity to experience key critical learning concepts within CraniumACADEMY look to develop lifelong learning advantages in terms of core knowledge, critical thinking skills, creativity, reading, math, writing and confidence, all while building a true love of learning.

CraniumACADEMY (preschool) indoor Gym and Discovery rooms as seen from the parent waiting area.

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NOTE: Our Academy is registered with the Florida Department of Education, Division of private schools and is licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families (CC License # is C09OR0753)